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Rising up and falling...

Life is a roller coaster. It has its twists and turns. Its heights and its depths. We all eventually take a fall at least once in our life. A great amount of our time is taken away in building an empire for ourselves. We let our passion take control of us. We put in great hard work, determination, efforts and time into full filling dreams. The office table transforms into a bed. All other things take a back seat while we pursue our dreams. Its rather exciting having everything unravel in front of us. To see our dreams come alive is beyond happiness…! But one day there comes a time when it all collapses. Our dreams that we invested of much of emotions towards all comes crashing down. And we’re left in absolute pieces.

What do we do now?

Do we give up?

Do we give it a try?

Do we move on?

We stand up again! What defines us is how well we rise after falling. Failure doesn’t come from falling down, it comes from not standing up again. It has actually been observed that we tend to face failure right before we reach our success. Its important to not let ourselves down just because we failed in something. Its the courage that we take in standing up again that determines our fate. Its easy to not fail…but its a brave man that takes the baggage of failure. Many people around us judge us based on our failures, only because we allow them. After some times its sad to say that we let other people take control of our courage. We fall prey to their criticism and foul talk. And that ain’t right one bit!Block out the voices of other people. Let your inner self talk you through. Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than where you have been, to stand up taller than where you ever were. Rise up above your fear and take a chance. You might fall…but darling what if you end up flying. You’re never really gonna know till you try. As some one once said, ” Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

At the end of it all making it a great day or not the choice is ours.

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